Breaking News : Hostage Incident' At Tottenham Court Road

  • Explosive experts are attending a potential hostage situation at Tottenham Court Road in central London, Sky sources confirm. 
  • There are reports that four people have been taken hostage at the building.
  • The man is reported to be angry he did not get an HGV Licence and walked into the building saying he had nothing to live for.
  • Police were called when the man was throwing computers and furniture from the building.
  • He is said to have a gas cannister tied to him.
  • A trained hostage negotiator is en route to the scene.
  • Hundreds of people have been evacuated from surrounding buildings.
  • Armed police are at the scene and the area is at a standstill.
  • Police have only confirmed that it is not a terrorist incident and "a man who is causing a disturbance and criminal damage at an office building".


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